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The Prayer Shawl Ministry group will hold its first meeting this fall on Tuesday, September 12, 10am, in the Fireside Room located just off the Friendship Café.

We knit and/or crochet prayer shawls for men, women, girls, and boys, lap robes, children’s ponchos, baby hats, and baby blankets to be given away during the year.

We have given away well over 1,000 shawls to people in the United States, and some have gone to other countries. We have given numerous children’s items to the Phoenix Children’s Hospital, and to St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital in Memphis, Tennessee.

We will continue to donate to these worthy causes. Come and join us if you would like to participate in this fun and heart-warming activity.

If you have questions, contact Kathy Sporre (928-855-1704) or Lois Jimison (928-505-3067).

What is a Prayer Shawl?
Can you touch a prayer?
Can you pull it close and feel its comfort?
You can if it comes as a gift in the form of a Prayer Shawl.

Prayer Shawls are simple gifts of grace from God that are prayerfully and lovingly stitched as a reminder that God's promise is always with us. A hug from God bringing God's love, comfort, and peace to those in need.

This Shawl was handmade for you by our Prayer Shawl Ministry. As it was created, We prayed that the recipient would feel God’s warmth and healing touch. When you put the shawl on, imagine God putting His arms around you and giving you a Big Hug. May this shawl wrap you in comfort and joy.

Love to you,
Prayer Shawl Ministry, Mount Olive Lutheran Church, Lake Havasu City, AZ.
" Comfort, comfort my people, says your God." Isaiah 40:1

You can click on the bottom LEFT button to view each of our 2 photo galleries, or click on the bottom RIGHT square with the arrow to view the slide shows in Full Screen. Enjoy!
If you have questions about the Prayer Shawl Ministry, contact: Kathy Sporre 928-855-1704 or Lois Jimison 928-505-3067.

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