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A Message from Our Pastor Craig M. Corbin:

Recently, I was visiting with one of your brothers in Christ here at Mount Olive. It was a home visit. I was sharing with him about my youth, especially when I was fifteen years old, after my dad was suddenly killed in the Rapid City flood, 45 years ago on June 9, 1972.

I was telling him about one of my dad’s best friends, Jean, who took it upon himself to take me under his wing and become my surrogate dad. He did a variety of things with me over the next few years. He took me fishing, golfing, pheasant hunting, he attended the father/son banquet for the football team and he joined me on the field during dad’s night along with just simply being a mentor and friend to me.

When I was 29 years old, I was doing some reflecting upon my life, and I decided to take the time to write Jean a letter to thank him for all the ways in which he reached out to me and became the father figure in my life that I needed at that time. He was a steady rock in my life, during a rough period, as I grieved my father’s death.

Several years later, Jean passed away and when I went back to my hometown, I stopped in to see his widow, Clarice. She told me that he treasured the letter that I sent to him, and it always sat on the top of his chest of drawers in their bedroom. She said he read the letter occasionally and it often times brought him to tears.

As I finished telling my story, your brother in Christ pulled out a card that sat next to him from behind the lamp. His daughter had sent him a letter describing how he had made a difference in her life, and she thanked him for all his love over the years. I could tell from the look in his eyes, the letter meant a lot to him as well.

How about you, is there someone in your life who would appreciate hearing from you? Express your thanks, your appreciation and your gratitude for them being such a blessing to you. We are blessed for the journey be a blessing to someone else in your life today. “Spirit of the living God fall afresh on me.”

Pastor Craig

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