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A Message from Our Pastor Craig M. Corbin:

It’s time to put on your stewardship thinking caps. Jenifer Clark, our Event Coordinator, has taken some time to revise the Time and Talent survey sheets. We have incorporated a section that also asks you about ways in which the congregation and its members can be of service to you. So be thinking of the many ways you will be serving with the gospel ministry here at Mount Olive in 2018 but also keep in mind we are here to serve one another as well.

There will also be considerable emphasis placed upon financial stewardship in the coming weeks. During the weekends November 11-12 and 18-19 we will hear temple talks from our fellow members.

We want to bring everyone up to date on where we stand with continuing ministry commitments with the annual giving as well as our commitments to ongoing debt reduction. Many of the three-year commitments that were made 3+ years ago to mortgage retirement have been fulfilled and many of you are continuing to make gifts towards mortgage debt retirement. There are several new members over the past three years who don’t know much about our mortgage debt retirement responsibilities. So, this will be an opportunity to inform and educate our church family. We currently make monthly mortgage payments of about $6200. Annually that is a commitment of around $74,000.

During this stewardship emphasis each of you will be given an opportunity to fill out and submit a 2018 Commitment Card. Keep in mind these are non-binding commitments. We know people’s life circumstances change with economic, health and personal conditions. Commitments may be revised or canceled at any time. The Commitment Card will have two areas of giving, Annual or Current expenses and the second area of giving is Mortgage Debt. Your confidential commitments will give the Church Council a good indication of where we will stand as a whole congregation, once all commitments are added together.

Growth giving is a concept, I would encourage all of us to consider. For example, let’s say you have $1,000 / month income, with current giving to the church of $50 / month. This is the equivalent of 5% being given to the ministry of the church. With Growth Giving, projected monthly income $1,020, multiplied by .06 (6%) (Growth giving by one percent) equals monthly giving of $61.20. Or, roughly $15.30 / week giving. Nationally, giving by Protestant church members was at a mere 2.21 % per capita after tax income in 2012. Imagine what a difference our churches could make if only ???? Blessed for the journey through the grace of Christ.

Pastor Craig M. Corbin

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