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Interactive Lenten Midweek Services

Our Worship Board has decided to try an interactive form to enhance our Lenten Midweek Services. Our theme is “Walking with Jesus: From the Manger to the Cross”.

Pastor will provide scriptures for each week’s deliberation. Hopefully they will spark a thought from your “walk” to share.

Your “share” may be anything that impacted your walk: a picture, an object, a poem, a devotion or anything else you want to share.

Here are helpful hints to help you accomplish your “share”:
You may stand and read or tell about your “share”. If you are planning on sharing an object, poem or devotion, please bring it in 2 or 3 days before the service to have Paul take a photo so it can be on the screens as well as your sharing.

Again, he would need name, and midweek service time. If one of the scriptures sparks your sharing, please reference that also.

Lastly, please indicate if Pastor my share your “share” with other services. The emails listed below will help you find your way. Any questions please call Judy Day (855-5637) or Jean Anutta (302-1367)

Midweek----------Theme Verses

The Manger
Matthew 1: 18-25 Give some thought in your faith Journey with Jesus, to a Christmas that was special to you or to a loved one in your life. Reflect on this birth story, with specific emphasis upon the wording. “ you shall call his name Jesus, for he will save His people from their sins” and “and His name shall be called Emanuel (which means, God with us).

Jesus Coming of Age
Luke 2: 41-52 Reflect upon a time in your growing up years (whatever age range you want that to be) that sparks either a “Jesus moment” or perhaps a “learning event” or a time when you came to have a better understanding in your life of “who Jesus is”. Preferably a time in your youth. Did Christ’s sacrifice on the cross impact this moment or event?

Jesus Calling the Disciples
John 1: 35-50 Reflect upon various times in your life where you sensed “a call” or “a calling” from Jesus. Perhaps it was at a Bible Camp, or mountain top experience, an inspiring story or a variety of other experiences where you sensed a closeness with Jesus and were spurred to action or to pursue a specific path in life. Did Christ’s sacrifice on the cross impact this moment or event?

Jesus the True Vine
John 15: 1-17 This passage describes Jesus, our Lord who abides in us. In essence Jesus is saying, “I make my home in you”. He also refers to us as “his friends”. As you have journeyed with Jesus, find an image, photo or an object that represents “God’s faithfulness and steadfast relationship with you”, throughout your life, whether it be a time of struggle, challenge, health issue or a time of celebration, contentment or a continued sense of being grounded and rooted in Christ. Did Christ’s sacrifice on the cross impact this moment or event?

Jesus Promises the Holy Spirit
John 14: 15-27 In this passage we hear Jesus give us the promise of “an Advocate or a Helper” the Holy Spirit. It informs us that the “Advocate” will teach and remind us of all that Jesus has said and done. How has Jesus been made known to you “with the help of the Holy Spirit”? What moments in your life have you sensed the presence of the Holy Spirit? What it a moment of comfort, learning, revelation, reflection, inspiration or a time of understanding? What image, photo or object helps to best describe this? Did Christ’s sacrifice on the cross impact this moment or event?

You can email your picture with your name, midweek service, and a 2 - 3 sentence caption to:
Paul Wooster or Pastor Craig.

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